Transform, cleanse, and prepare your data like a pro

Refinator isn't just about power – it's about empowering you with the ability to handle large datasets, ensuring your privacy, and supporting multiple formats. From messy to polished datasets, simplifies the most complex tasks, all on your own network.

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Core features

Experience comprehensive data management with a privacy-first approach, effortless handling of large datasets, versatile editing tools, seamless file conversion, and intuitive usage—all in one user-friendly application.

Simplicity Without Sacrifice

Enjoy the convenience of's intuitive interface, empowering you to perform complex data operations without the need for coding expertise.

Flexible Data Conversion

Easily convert data between formats such as CSV, JSON, and Parquet with, ensuring flexibility and compatibility across different platforms.

Effortless Editing for Large Files

Whether you're working with files containing millions of lines or gigabytes of data, has you covered. Our application allows you to edit, clean, and normalize large datasets quickly and efficiently.

Versatile Data Editing offers a plethora of tasks for both content and column editing, providing you with versatile tools to tailor your data exactly as needed.

Visual Data Preparation

Our no-code tool simplifies the data preparation process for both data analysts and data scientists. With, you can easily clean and normalize data without the need for programming skills.

Your Data, Your Control

With our privacy-first approach, ensures that your data remains yours at all times, adhering to GDPR compliance standards and never compromising on confidentiality or security.