Row count

The row count task calculates the total number of rows in the dataset. Additionally, user can specify a tag to count only rows that have been tagged with a specific label. This functionality provides insights into the size of the dataset and allows for targeted analysis of tagged subsets.

Go to line

The go to line task enables user to navigate directly to a specified line number within the dataset. This functionality streamlines the process of locating specific data points, facilitating efficient data exploration and analysis.

Group edit

The group edit task allows user to edit multiple rows within the dataset. Similar to the replace task, user provide input values for each column, which are then applied to the corresponding rows. This functionality streamlines bulk editing operations, enhancing productivity and efficiency in data management tasks.

Group edit

The search task provides a general search functionality, allowing user to search for a specified phrase across the entire dataset. This functionality facilitates quick and convenient data retrieval, enabling user to locate specific information efficiently.